Where are you located?

We are located in Toronto, Ohio 43964

at: 2257 County Road 68
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Are you open year-round?

Not at this time.

We will generally be open from May until the end of October. We also have special events that will be held outside of those times. We will host our Christmas After Dark during December and we will hold our Egg-stravaganza during the Easter Holiday. There are these events plus we may add more as time goes on.

Do I have to pay just to enter the park?


It is free to watch and enjoy your family and friends participating in the available attractions. You only pay if you would like to participate in any of the attractions. Generally our concessions are open, there is plenty of seating available and arcade is open to enjoy at no costs.

What are your food options?

Food is available.

Generally our concessions will be open anytime we are open. Our concessions serve refreshments, coffee, plenty of sandwich options, chips, ice cream and much more. There could be times that the concessions may not be open while you are visiting.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes - with a few restrictions

We welcome Dogs or Cats, however they can not be loose and you must clean up after your pet. We can not allow any dangerous animals or pets that may scare other guests.

Safety First!

Safety is our #1 Priority!

Because there are inherent risks in or on attractions, please participate responsibly. Guests should listen to staff members as to safety information provided for attractions. Failure to follow rules could result in injury. If you have questions please speak with an attendant. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone who fails to comply with established guidelines, or exhibits impairment. Children less than 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a responsible guest. We encourage parents and guardians to join children at all attractions, to help ensure that everyone participates safely. We strongly recommend that Minors (under age 18) be accompanied by an adult. Park does not assume responsibility or liability for unattended minors

What about children 2 or younger, do you charge?

No, however -

Be advised that once the other children start playing they may want to get involved. If you find your younger one wanting to participate, please see a staff member to see what accommodations we can make. Do to insurance reasons we would then need to charge a minimum rate at that time. For example a lot of tykes like to bounce in the bounce houses and we would need to make special accommodations such as allowing only the child and possibly someone with them inside the bounce house.