How early can I arrive to set up?

You may start setting up your Party/Event 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, so feel free to arrive around that time. If you arrive any earlier, your room or table may not be ready due to other parties occurring before yours.  If you need more time, please contact us.

What can I bring, should I bring for my party/event?

With a paid party/event, feel free to bring a single serve cupcakes, cake cookies, candles, presents, and most anything you would like to bring! During your booking process you can specify certain elements of your party/event.

Can we bring our own food for our party/event?

Yes, you can! Also during your booking process there is an option to have our concessions open. We offer pizza, sandwiches, chips, funnel cakes, popcorn and other snacks which can be purchased. The Fort Steuben Mall location will be offering this option soon!  If you are looking for more of a catering option, please contact us and we will discuss some options for you. 

Can I bring my own table coverings, napkins, etc

Yes you can!  Also, you do have an option, depending on the package you choose to have Screwy Louie’s set everything up for you.

Is there a place to set up gifts/packages/trophies, etc?

Yes, we will also be glad to accommodate more area if needed.

Do we get a party host?

Our Red Rivet and Blue Blaze offers a party host at the outside location in Toronto.  It becomes an option to those who book the Louie’s Lodge plan. The Fort Steuben Mall location offers a party option in the base price. They may also be assisting other parties at the same time, similar to a waiter/waitress environment. 

Can you pencil me while I discuss plans with others?

Unfortunately we cannot pencil anyone in because we are required to have a 25% deposit down to hold the spot. However as soon as you are ready to book, you can go online and book your party any time by clicking the ONLINE BOOKING link!

What is the schedule for my party/event?

Our representative will assist you in planning our the schedule.  We can accommodate nearly any type of schedule and we are flexible if you need to change at a moments notice!

You are showing closed on the day I would like to have a party - what can I do?

Just give us a call.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your party/event on the day that you would like to have. Depending upon availability of our staff, we may be able to get it set for the date/day that you would like!!

We will have a few children 2 or younger, do you charge for 2 and younger?

We do not charge for 2 and under, however be advised that once the other children start playing they may want to get involved.  If you find your younger one wanting to participate, please see a staff member to see what accommodations we can make. Do to insurance reasons we would then need to charge at that time.  At our Toronto (Outdoor location) a  lot of tykes like to bounce in the bounce houses and we would need to make special accommodations such as allowing only the child and possibly someone with them inside the bounce house.

What about weather?

Unfortunately, we can not control the weather!  However, we can make plans for it!  If it begins to rain/snow during your event we will wait it out as long as we possible can not to exceed two hours.  If this dampens your party we understand and will attempt to accommodate another day to schedule your party with no time deduction.  So if you are an hour into your party and it begins to rain, etc. we will reschedule the full time.  If it becomes a safety issue such as thunderstorm’s, high winds or dangerous lighting lighting we will have no option but to close and reschedule your party. If your party is later in the day and your concerned about weather, please contact us for rescheduling options!